Reality of Flight Safety (from a tv producer)

With all the aviation disasters that have occurred over the summer, I can’t help feel the need to put them into perspective. You see, recently, I had the privilege of working for the world’s longest running and most respected aviation disaster television shows – Mayday on Discovery Channel (or Air Crash Investigation – as it’s…

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Biohacking on Spark

The process of bioengineering is becoming democratized. People anywhere and everywhere can extract and tinker with a living cell’s DNA right from their very own home. The trend is called biohacking. The people getting into it range from the hobbyist to the closeted scientists. All the means to do it are at our fingertips. A…

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Designer Organs on Spark

Back when I was on maternity leave, a senior producer from CBC Radio’s show Spark contacted me to ask if I could look into a story for them.  It was about a biophysics professor at the University of Ottawa who tinkers with living materials.  He stretches and pulls stem cells to get them to act…

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TV documentary scripts are a lot like jigsaw puzzles

Writing a television documentary script is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. You have a lot of little pieces that need to fit together in just the right way to see the bigger picture. The longer the show or segment, the more complex the puzzle.

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Cosmic Vistas wins Gold & Special Jury Award

Today I got some amazing news.  Cosmic Vistas, the astronomy series I worked on last year, won a couple of major awards at the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival for best television or cable documentary.  Episode 3 is an action-packed adrenaline-filled exploration of Mars.   This episode really exemplifies the thrill of sending spacecraft to…

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King Tut’s gold couldn’t save him, but it saved his DNA

Everything the world knew about King Tut since Howard Carter discovered his tomb in 1922 was turned upside down when scientists applied today’s forensic science methods to the most famous mummy in the world.

King Tut was not a strong pharaoh riding chariots or murdered by some rival. Instead, he was a sick and frail king, born of incest, who needed walking sticks to get around.

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