Reality of Flight Safety (from a tv producer)

With all the aviation disasters that have occurred over the summer, I can’t help feel the need to put them into perspective. You see, recently, I had the privilege of working for the world’s longest running and most respected aviation disaster television shows – Mayday on Discovery Channel (or Air Crash Investigation – as it’s…

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Mind Controlled Digital World


When I started wondering, “When will I be able to tweet directly from my mind?” – I never imagined where that question would take me. It started as an idea for the CBC Radio program Spark – a show about tech, trends and ideas. I knew a biomedical engineer from the University of Wisconsin Madison had tweeted from his brain using an EEG system. I also knew researchers from the University of Utah recently announced they used microelectrodes implanted on the brain to decode a few words. I figured tweeting from our brains would be within our grasp.

It is and it isn’t.

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